Benefits of Building a Big Mouth Local (BML) Online Business Directory

With decreasing print-ad revenue and the boomerang of e-commerce, newspaper executives know—without a doubt—that the path to survival is on the Internet. Many have discovered, however, that simply creating appealing online news editions does not rectify financial woes immediately. After years of trying to adapt to Internet users’ interests, savvy media companies understand that outstanding online products and services are essential to generate lifeline revenue.

Here are a few specific reasons why BML business directories deliver fast solutions for media partners:

Expert team of brilliant techies: Specializing in building online business directories, BML is a premier authority assisting corporations searching for financial solutions. With an expert team of brilliant techies, BML’s quickly constructed Internet business tool provides a seamless “white-label” solution. BML’s easy-to-navigate business directories are designed to reflect media partners’ exact brand—from color schemes to headings and logos.

Complete project management: Following media partners’ requests during each step of the directory-building process, BML otherwise handles every detail involved. From the coding and construction of business-directory pages to setting up eye-catching sliding images on the home page, BML makes business directories come to life. After adding initial content, sample featured listings, pricing details and sign-up information, media partners are invited to review the business directory before their new revenue-generating tools go live; then, BML produces all of the elements for participating businesses, so media companies can remain focused on reporting and delivering the news.

Small- and medium-sized business (SMB) support: Building on newspapers’ vital role in their respective communities, BML business directories provide media companies with concrete ways to feature local businesses while increasing profits for everyone involved. Through the featured listings in BML business directories, SMBs have the opportunity to display attractive full-page entries about their business including creative descriptions, customized videos and a special promotion. Then, through BML’s geo-targeted search-engine optimization (SEO), businesses appear at the top of search-engine results within 60 days—guaranteed!

Together, with BML’s growing network of media partners, the power of collective optimization on the Internet kicks in—placing all media partners and directory members at the top of Internet searches. Those results translate into increasing interest in the products and services of media companies and SMBs. Through BML’s outstanding business directories, others gain the immediate opportunity to multiply sales and increase profits.

Check out the business directories designed for BML’s current media partners, and contact us now for more information to meet your company’s specific needs. Then, join BML’s growing network of newspaper companies—achieving online success together as today’s Internet leaders.