Big Mouth Local Beats the Competition: Lowest Prices for Complete Digital Services

In the business world, competition is the name of the game. Today’s savvy consumers simply want to know: Do you have the best product at the lowest price? With Big Mouth Local (BML) as your white-label digital-service provider, media companies can simply tell their clients and advertisers, “yes!”

One positive aspect of competition is that it forces all players to step up their game.
A neck-in-neck race pushes everyone involved to do their best work. With BML’s high-quality website, social media, email marketing and reputation management services, your newspaper and media company will triumph as the clear winner.

BML’s management team—with more than 150 years of collective newspaper, financial, sales, technology and marketing experience—shoots straight from the hip. Our business style is clear, direct and factual. We like to present concrete evidence, so companies can draw their own clear conclusions when selecting digital providers.

Here are the ways that BML stands out from the competition:

  • We partner with only newspapers and media groups.
  • We are very price competitive.
  • We offer the broadest range of digital services.
  • We are very flexible and responsive to partners and advertisers.
  • We offer outstanding sales and customer service support.
  • We back up our search-engine optimization services with a guarantee.

Here are the facts: Companies including Kudzu (Cox Media), Community Newspaper Group (News Corp.), New Jersey Media Group, Sun Sentinel (Tribune), Happy Herald and many others have selected BML as their white-label digital-service provider.

Why? After a comparison of price points for services including business-directory development and management, website design and content, complete social media campaigns and blog writing, BML was the best choice every time.

With 48 out of 50 comparison points checked off straight down BML’s column, these top companies made a factual conclusion. As the most affordable and reliable partner developing the most effective e-commerce platforms, BML is the clear partner to select for white-label digital solutions.
Count on BML for simple, straightforward facts. That’s how we beat the competition and help our partners and their clients come out on top. Call BML now, and our experienced team will spring into action today.