Big Mouth Local Delivers Return on Investment for Small- and Medium-Sized Business Advertisers:

Sample Numbers, Dashboard Reports and Innovative Mobile Services

Through first-page search-engine ranking and a broad scope of digital services, BML delivers fast results for our newspaper partners’ SMB clients. Here are a few examples of the ways that BML has helped business-directory advertisers during a short period:

Online Advertisers

  1. Elderly care transportation provider (South Florida): This business received 251 site referrals from Google, 27 active fans on their Facebook page and 12 phone calls in a 30-day period immediately following the first 60 days on the program (i.e., 90 days from start-up).
  2. Party supply warehouse (New Jersey): This enterprise received 8 subscribers to their monthly newsletter, 31 active fans on their Facebook page and 16 phone calls in a 30-day period immediately following the first 60 days on the program (i.e., 90 days from start-up).
  3. Immigration attorney (Philadelphia): This lawyer received 5 email form submissions for legal assistance, 45 active fans on their Facebook and 24 phone calls in a 30-day period immediately following the first 60 days on the program (i.e., 90 days from start-up).

Dashboard Detail

Through BML’s online dashboards, media partners and advertisers can view updated reports with growing numbers every month. These reports may include the following details, which are tracked carefully:

  1. Reputation Management Dashboard Report
  2. Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Dashboard Images
  3. Customer Service Reporting
  4. SEO Optimization Progress Report

These are just a few examples of BML’s in-depth reporting. BML responds to partners’ requests for any modification or adjustment in the presentation of information. BML relies on extraordinary attention to detail to create useful analysis for advertisers in the SEO, SMO and reputation management areas. 

Expanded Mobile Services with Additional Technology

BML’s culture focuses on serving our partners and their customers better. To position ourselves ahead of the competition, we are committed to innovation; we believe that innovation is about divergence, not convergence. BML focuses on providing our media partners with long-term, sustainable and competitive advantages through online products and services that exceed their customers’ expectations.

BML’s dedicated five-person Business Development Team has already produced essential products and services for today’s mobile market. Here are just a few highlights of BML’s proficiency in this area:

  1. Mobile websites, apps, advertising and integration with local and offline promotions
  2. Mobile payment systems and micropayments
  3. Mobile email marketing and related social media services 

To help newspaper partners and their clients remain competitive in today’s e-commerce market, BML provides effective tracking and mobile tools for partners and their advertisers. BML’s extensive technology and management skills ensure the financial growth of members in their rapidly expanding media network. For the delivery of leading online solutions and forward-looking innovation in the mobile market, contact BML now.

BML delivers measurable results and targeted ROI for its newspaper partners’ SMB clients!