Big Mouth Local Provides Hands-On Sales Training and Ongoing Support for Sales Reps: Weekly Newsletter Program and “Tip of the Day” Initiative

Big Mouth Local (BML) takes the word “partner” seriously. When we agree to work with newspaper and media companies, we take every possible step to ensure digital sales success. Then, we go above and beyond the call of duty—delivering even more.

To help launch our effective sales programs, we first schedule a sales-force training at partners’ companies. The senior members of BML’s management team physically arrive in your office to share their years of collective knowledge. During informative training sessions, BML’s sales pros offer insider tips about every aspect of the sales process.

From scheduling appointments to handling a prospect’s objections and role-playing sessions, they also address sales reps’ specific questions. Then, BML’s sales vice presidents personally join sales reps to help close deals during scheduled meetings with prospects. Through their vast experience, they show partners’ sales reps the most effective way to communicate with business owners about BML’s affordable digital solutions.

During several days of training and follow-up visits when needed, BML’s sales pros offer ongoing assistance. They are continually available to answer sales reps’ questions. Specifically, BML’s sales experts discuss our complete online services including guaranteed search-engine optimization results (SEO), the use and number of keywords, website design and development, social media and reputation management and more.

When BML’s sales and management team members promise to answer questions on the phone, they do. At all hours of the day and night, they respond to email queries. They believe in basic courtesy and follow through on any special requests.

Then, BML offers even more to sales reps with our newspaper and media partners. Through the BML weekly Newsletter Program and Tip of the Day Initiative, our knowledgeable sales team continues to provide ongoing assistance. By sharing their sales experience in an easy-to-read Q&A or quick-tip format, BML sales pros provide vital insights, which help sales reps with newspaper and media partners succeed.

Designing newsletters and tips with partners’ logos and other requested elements, BML brands these pieces for each partner. Original content is created, or other suggested points are highlighted. In addition, BML can handle the distribution process, saving partners any additional time or work.

By providing innovative programs and initiatives, BML exceeds newspaper and media partners’ expectations. Our team genuinely wants to ease existing financial pressures and help sales reps succeed.

BML doesn’t just sign a deal and disappear. We take our partnerships seriously and try to deliver even more. BML is committed, in every possible way, to assisting newspaper and media partners. If you need help launching a complete and effective online program to generate sales, contact BML—an experienced, reliable and dedicated partner in every sense of the word.