Big Mouth Local’s (BML) Sophisticated Reputation Management Tools Help Businesses Zap Negative Internet Comments

The Internet’s worldwide reach has double-edged power. Compelling business news can circle the globe in the blink of an eye. In a flash, negative comments about your work or enterprise can similarly reach others on the other side of the map with equal speed.

With the enormity of information now floating freely on the Internet, some business owners are simply in the dark. They may attribute a drop in business to the sluggish economy. However, a nagging feeling in the pit of their stomach signals that a deeper problem is plaguing their empty restaurant.

Holding their breath, they plug “Restaurant XYZ” into the Google search box. Like anyone who feels uneasy about searching for Internet results highlighting their name, they’re horrified when pages of complaints pop up. A Yelp entry refers to the restaurant’s rude servers; an Angie’s List description objects to a contractor’s sloppy workmanship.

Take personal control of your reputation on the Internet with Big Mouth Local’s advanced dashboard, allowing you to identify and remove every negative comment about your work or business.

Now, your heart is racing. This glimpse at the nasty gossip about your own business strikes terror in you. How can you possibly address all of these negative comments on the web?

Big Mouth Local’s (BML’s) reasonable but powerful reputation management program can dig you out of this Internet ditch. If you’re a physician with patients who have bad mouthed you on the web or a roofer with sour customers, you can now control this negative cloud hanging over future business. Through BML’s advanced reputation management dashboard, you can track—and remove—all traces of negativity swirling across the Internet.

Take personal control of your reputation management with BML’s sophisticated and easy-to-use tools today. Call BML to clean up your business profile on the Internet, and zap negative comments now!