Big Mouth Local’s (BML’s) Leading Sales Pros Provide Hands-On and Ongoing Training

Effective selling requires the ability to put prospects at ease and gain their trust. You need a high-quality product or service at an affordable price. Then, you must convey the value and benefits to secure a business owner’s financial commitment.

Beyond that, the art of selling involves good timing, persistence and finesse. Some are born sellers. Others simply feel lost in this competitive arena.

To succeed in business, sales expertise is absolutely essential. With the help of BML’s sales leaders, every newspaper and media partner can experience success selling digital services to their advertisers.

How can BML make this promise? BML’s sales vice presidents are recognized nationally as the best in the industry. With high batting averages, they consistently close deals in meetings with prospects more than half of the time.

The following are some specific ways they share their expertise with our newspaper and media-group partners:

Hands-on sales training: BML’s experienced sales experts deliver information-packed presentations in our partners’ offices. They travel to nationwide sites for classroom-training sessions, which are conducted in digestible sections during several days. After providing tips about setting appointments and handling objections, they allow ample time for question-and-answer sessions with sales representatives.

“Ride-along” sales assistance: After discussing key sales points for our digital services, BML sales pros join partners’ reps during meetings with prospects. They are physically present to guide sales reps and help close deals. By demonstrating their successful selling techniques, BML’s sales leaders provide a model for reps, so they can close deals independently in the future.

Ongoing sales guidance and tips: BML’s experienced sales team is always available to answer questions. After initial sales-training sessions, BML’s sales leaders also schedule follow-up visits to help refine the sales process. In addition, their expert sales techniques are highlighted in BML’s Newsletter and “Sales Tip of the Day” Program, a special initiative to offer partners ongoing support.

BML sales leaders not only promise but deliver results for our newspaper and media-group partners. If your company needs the best sales pros to close digital-services deals regularly, call BML to start generating increased revenue today.