Big Mouth Local’s Prospect Assessment Forms: Expert Analysis Helps Sales Reps With Newspaper & Media Partners Close Digital Deals

Newspaper and media groups currently face countless daily demands and financial pressures. To assist the sales reps at these companies, Big Mouth Local (BML) has developed an innovative tool to help partners generate digital revenue.
Some companies offer solutions in words. However, BML takes concrete action and frequently works through the night to supply vital background information about prospects. In other words, we do all of the homework needed.

Before the sales reps of newspaper and media group partners meet with prospects, BML completes all of the preliminary research about potential clients. Through BML’s unique Prospect Assessment Form, our expert research team delivers a thorough analysis of a prospect’s online presence.

First, BML analyzes a potential client’s website, identifying the frequency of blog posting and RSS feeds. Our expert analysis team also identifies specific optimization issues and reasons for poor search-engine rankings. In addition, they review the status of other key elements for online success including calls to action, incentives, videos and the collection of user data.

Then, BML’s experienced research team reviews any existing mobile platforms, along with areas for improvement or the need to develop one. They also rapidly provide a social media, keyword, reputation management and competition analysis. Specific recommendations for clients, such as custom and website solutions, are provided as part of BML’s prospect assessment form.

Through BML’s detailed analysis, our expert team arms sales representatives with vital information for prospects. While meeting with business owners, sales representatives can provide them with information about BML’s proven tools for improving their online search rankings. BML’s experienced teams are completely prepared to develop and launch a complete online program for each client.

As a result, sales reps can offer BML’s targeted digital solutions including the following:

Blogs: Blogs are an excellent source of unique content, which search engines love. One of the main factors in achieving great ranking is the presence of fresh and original content. Without this most crucial item, websites will not perform to optimal standards. Experienced BML content writers have the skills to generate engaging daily posts for any type of business.

RSS feeds: RSS feeds are an effective way of spreading the word about the interesting content on a business blog. An automatic RSS feed is best, thereby sharing the new content as it is posted. If clients don’t even know about RSS feeds and are totaled stymied about setting these up, BML techies are ready and willing to assist with clients’ complete technology needs.