BML-Designed & -Developed Websites Tell Engaging Business Stories, Generating & Multiplying Sales

In today’s online world, nearly all consumers explore the Internet for products, services and promotions to save money. Nonetheless, multiple sources report that more than half of all small business owners still do not have a web site. Compounding the loss in potential revenue, approximately 70% still need to launch a mobile website—an often drastically different rendition for smaller mobile devices.

Even though many entrepreneurs know that desktop and mobile websites are vital for e-commerce success, they simply don’t have the time or the skills to handle these projects independently. Some are at a loss dealing with the necessary technological issues. Others fall short on the creativity required to dream up engaging text and select eye-catching photos, which draw in viewers before they jump to the next site in less than a second.
Big Mouth Local (BML), with an experienced website development and design team, understands the key elements needed to tell business stories. After gathering vital information from entrepreneurs about their enterprise, including key messages and other preferences, our team gets to work quickly so your new site is up in a flash at a fraction of competitors’ costs. Here are some of the central website elements, which BML focuses on for the most effective presentation:

Eye-Catching Photos

More than ever, strong visual images make online users pause to explore a site. If photos are blurry, grainy or dated, they’re a poor choice to capture the interest of potential customers. High-quality photos and graphics are the first and often lasting reflection of your business.

Clear, Simple & Engaging Language

With massive information available on the Internet, users won’t take the time to decipher convoluted sentences, running on for an entire paragraph. They generally won’t pause to look up the meaning of complex words to decode your point. Readers simply crave engaging text, which conveys messages like crystal-clear water.

Regularly Updated Blog Entries

When potential customers visit a business website, they want a sense of the person behind the screen. Beyond the selection of photos and text, an active business blog can convey the true essence of a company. If users find helpful and informative entries, which reach beyond a continual sales onslaught, they begin to trust the company’s credibility and may consider future purchases.

Links to Active Social Media Sites

If businesses have any social media sites, they often miss the opportunity of linking them on their website. Then, because of the time-consuming demands of daily business, these pages often lapse and remain inactive for months. Maintaining social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, FourSquare, LinkedIn and others is often a full-time job requiring multiple daily entries for the greatest impact every day.

Easy & User-Friendly Navigation

We’ve all ridden the clicked link, which takes us to the Land of Nowhere. Nothing leaves a potential customer feeling more annoyed than wasting time on a wild goose chase. If they visit a website, users want to find the information promised rather than a blank page, which will send them running directly to a competitor.

Inclusion of Accurate Contact Information

An astonishing number of websites fail to include basic contact information such as an email address, phone number and hours. If these details are provided, sometimes the information provided doesn’t correspond on various pages, leaving users guessing which entries are correct. BML’s fact checking mantra is check, double check and triple check for accuracy.

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) for Top Results

After hours of struggling with the previous elements for an effective website, most business owners are at a complete loss regarding proper SEO. Some take a stab at generating keywords, which ultimately leave their site at the bottom of the Internet heap. Even with the best efforts, any business site needs knowledgeable techies to help prospective customers find these products and services amid the sea of options on the Internet.

BML understands that every business owner has limited hours to focus on top priorities each day. Let the professional writers, designers and techies at BML get your business website elements right. When website pieces fit together like a puzzle, they tell your individual business story under a spotlight—drawing customers directly to your door.

Contact BML now for details about affordable desktop and mobile website development and design. Then, watch your cash multiply in a flash!