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Words from Our BML Team

Working as a BML team member is life changing. BML’s culture is fast track, exciting and team oriented. Everyone supports each other, accentuating each other’s attributes. Working with BML is challenging, gratifying and financially rewarding.

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BML embodies the ideals of collaboration and free flow of ideas, the result of which is the best possible product and service for our partners and customers, in the fastest time at the lowest price. My first experience in the media publishing industry was in 1997, with a small community paper in Coral Springs, Florida. I instantly fell in love with the industry because everyone on our small team was working together toward the same goal—the printing of the publication and dissemination of accurate and well-presented information. Our BML team does exactly that, and, as a result, we are revolutionizing the industry. We are a great team that brings together innovative, technical and creative skills for the collective benefit of our clients and the industry at large!

David Hammer, Chief Information Officer