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Custom videos are known to increase customer interest. In fact, studies show that the sales conversion rate is higher when video is part of an online marketing program. BML offers custom videos with several options from which to choose. The BML video team will tailor each video to the SMB client’s products and services and to their prospects and customers viewing the video. A professional video recording and editing team will make sure that the SMB client is pleased with the final product and that it properly represents the SMB client’s business. A high-quality video can be developed in several formats: a slideshow with music or a “live” video recorded onsite at the SMB client’s location. Informative voice-over scripts can be added to both formats. To facilitate online videography, BML can tap into a national network of videographers who will record the video at the SMB client’s location.

BML will post videos on landing pages, which are featured in its online local business directories, on SMB clients’ websites, on YouTube or other video channels on the Internet.

BML is also producing videos for coupon and deal offers. Studies indicate a greater level of sales conversions when videos are used in the sales and marketing process.