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Our Experience

The BML executive team has more than 150 years of collective business and leadership experience. Based on extensive work for international companies, our management team has grown, trained and guided regional and national sales forces. We have also created and implemented marketing plans, effectively developed and executed innovative digital technology and raised capital from private investors, financial institutions and on Wall Street.

If you need an immediate solution to advertising dilemmas and want to become part of a results-driven organization and global business community, BML is your answer. We use cutting-edge technology to deliver large-scale optimization results. By harnessing the power of collective listings, we catapult our clients to the first-page of search-engine lists using multiple keywords.

Dedicated to the success of its media partners and their SMB clients, BML’s executive team brings vast skill sets and knowledge to the partnership. BML supports its partners and their SMB clients in every way possible. With leading-edge digital services and technological platforms, BML is a reliable partner, delivering solutions for newspapers and media groups now.