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Visionary Leadership

BML’s leadership is passionate about helping SMB overcome competitive challenges and survive in today’s struggling economy. To do so, BML’s vision is very clear—provide low-cost digital solutions to SMB clients through newspaper and media-group partnerships, which create an Internet presence for those clients, effectively advertise and promote their products and services and assist them in retaining their clients. To achieve that goal, BML offers high-quality but low-cost advertising solutions, SEO, SEM, SMO, reputation management and website design and development. Revitalizing the economy through worldwide corporate sponsorships, global partnerships and invincible relationships, BML is deeply—and personally—committed to optimizing SMB, one city at a time, with its media partners.

If you recognize the opportunity to leverage your trusted newspaper name in the community by capturing a dominant share of the digital market, the BML team is the one with which you must partner. Take action with BML’s visionary leaders. Join our rapidly expanding network of partners for digital solutions now.