Impact of Social Media on Business

Impact of Social Media on Business: Paint a Personal Portrait to Form Connections and Enlarge Network of Prospective Buyers

As a business owner, you have a limited number of hours in the day to complete a million tasks. If you’re an independent entrepreneur, you wear many hats to operate your own enterprise. Even if you have a staff as a small- or medium-sized business operator, you simply can’t find another hour to focus on an effective social media campaign.

For anyone who wants to remain competitive in business, social media has become an essential component for survival. Although some perceive social media as light-weight “chatter,” the reality is that these cumulative briefings help to paint your business portrait. Along with Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites, these tools give prospective buyers insight into your business personality, mission, values and more.

Business owners of every size can leverage the power of social media for their own and others benefit. Through daily updates on each of the leading sites, you can spread news about sales, contests, coupons, donations and more. When you add a dash of personality and find ways to connect with—and support—fellow social media users, positive perceptions of your business will grow—potentially leading to increased sales.

How does a time- and workforce-starved newspaper, media group or business owner feed the ravenous hunger of a comprehensive social media campaign?

To launch and sustain an effective social media plan, Big Mouth Local (BML) experts recommend a minimum of six Twitter posts throughout the day. BML social media pros emphasize the importance of coordinating these updates with Facebook, Pinterest and other displays. In addition, BML’s successful social media team members, with an advanced knowledge of search-engine optimization, integrate eye-catching images and videos for greatest interest and impact on your behalf.

The affordable and experienced BML social media team creates and schedules a regular daily flow of engaging information about your business. To save you critical time and keep all of the social media profiles for your company or clients up to date, BML’s results-oriented social media pros focus their complete attention on the individual needs of each newspaper and media partner or small- and medium-sized business. Driving followers to social media pages, BML’s experienced social media writers also know exactly how to attract and connect with specific audiences for publishing conglomerates as well as the clients at advertising agencies and public relations firms.

Within only a few weeks, BML has more than doubled the number of social media followers for law firms, restaurants, sports stores and many other businesses in every industry. By steadily producing compelling social media content, BML immediately interests prospective buyers for a multitude of companies. BML’s affordable social media experts handle the time-consuming task of creating and implementing a consistent social media program—saving companies the expense of hiring another staff member for this full-time job.

Contact BML’s focused social media team to launch a low-cost, highly effective and comprehensive social media plan now. Then, take a moment to sit back and watch your social media numbers, sales and business grow!