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Competitive Prices

BML is rapidly becoming an industry leader providing digital solutions to the SMB marketplace across the United States and abroad through partnerships with newspapers and media groups. BML’s formula includes a wide range of lowest-priced digital services, an extraordinary sales training program, including classroom and online training as well as in-field sales support with strategic position of BML’s regional directors, all supported by an outstanding Customer Service Department.

BML positions its newspaper and media group partners to take the market by storm because its partners are empowered to offer an all-encompassing range of digital services including search-engine optimization (SEO), search-engine marketing (SEM), social media optimization (SMO), reputation management and website design and development for the lowest cost that results in the highest impact. Through a growing network of partners, BML’s work volume permits bare-bone pricing and maximum results for customers of BML’s newspaper and media-group partners.

The proof is in the numbers.