Newspapers Trust Big Mouth Local to Deliver Fast, High-Quality, Low-Cost Online Solutions

Why have some of the largest newspapers and media groups in the United States decided to partner with BML? Why have more than 125 newspapers selected BML over every competitor providing digital services and business directories? The answer is simple: trust and performance.

Beyond offering the lowest prices for the most comprehensive packages including social media and reputation management, BML’s leaders firmly believe that partnership is true cooperation and trust with people—not just corporations. BML team members commit 110% of their energy to deliver on promises to partners who entrust us with providing the best digital services available. BML members—from those on the management team to others in customer service, information technology, website design and development and elsewhere—work diligently to meet and exceed partners’ needs.

Here are some specific reasons why major news and media corporations partner with BML:

Vast Experience: With more than 150 years of collective financial, sales, technology, legal and marketing experience, BML’s management team has a firm grip on every aspect of daily operations. Senior managers individually and collectively serve as a cross-check each step of the way. Together, they ensure that BML hits every benchmark set with and for our partners.

Fast & Complete Solutions: With increasing urgency to remain financially solvent, newspapers must act quickly to build and expand their online operations. They need existing models—like BML’s business directories and advertising services—to generate increased revenue through digital services. Through BML’s white-label solutions, projects are completed seamlessly and completely, so newspapers can remain focused on handling their daily operations.

Expert Sales Training: Many in the industry have recognized BML’s senior vice president of sales as well as the vice president of sales and marketing as the best in their field. With their expert guidance, in-person trainings including “ride-alongs” are provided to help newspapers’ sales representatives close deals quickly; for newspapers with 25 sales representatives, a BML regional director provides ongoing support, and a sales leader is always available to answer questions. BML’s convenient online sales library also has a full repertoire of tools and tips for immediate success.

Rock-Bottom Prices: BML genuinely cares about helping the newspaper and media industry survive—and flourish. As a result of our personal investment, we have cut the costs of every digital service to the bone; BML’s business model is based on volume to generate profits—particularly for partners. The brilliant techies and other experts on BML’s team allow us to deliver products and services efficiently, so we can keep costs as low as possible for our partners.

Highest-Quality Services: BML pays attention to small details, which ultimately produces the best results. With quality-control processes in place for every project, we check and double-check every item before product delivery. When developing a business-directory listing or new website, we care about getting every point right because your business matters.

On-Time Delivery: BML manages production capacity to deliver our products and services on time for our partners and their small- and medium-sized business (SMB) clients. If you are scheduled to review a project at noon, listen for the beep in your inbox on the minute—or even earlier. When BML promises, our reliable team delivers.

Capacity to Handle Volume: Based on decades of previous experience managing high-volume businesses, BML builds production capacity anticipating volume at least 6 months to several years in advance; with a continually forward-looking vision and the ability to anticipate and completely handle business growth, BML already has the systems in place to launch business directories and online advertising services immediately for media companies with multiple properties.

Attentive Customer Service: BML provides a full-service customer support team—at our own cost—to ensure levels of responsiveness with an accompanying and necessary knowledge base. This practice spares partners the cost of building customer-service teams, which is a major savings for companies with multiple markets. BML’s direct involvement with SMB clients and sales representatives keeps our finger on the pulse of individual requests and precise fulfillment.

Responsiveness & Flexibility: Because BML cares about the success of our newspapers partners and business owners, we accommodate individual needs whenever possible. If business owners provide specific guidelines for their directory listings, we adjust content as requested. If partners need additional time to review materials, we continue extending ourselves and offering helpful support.

Personal Involvement & Responsibility: At BML, “family” is a primary keyword on both a personal and business level. We work diligently for our families including those of every partner who joins BML’s rapidly growing media network. The BML team takes our responsibilities seriously, and we have a deep-rooted need to produce high-quality results.

Newspaper and media companies trust BML because we become personally invested in partners’ success. To see these high-quality results visually, take a look at the sample directories, which we have completed for our partners. Then, let us know how BML can provide your company with comprehensive but affordable online services through our team’s personal investment in your business.

Trust BML, a true newspaper partner, offering immediate digital solutions to the media industry now!