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Deals & Coupons

BML’s business-development team is committed to innovative technology to bring the best of digital services to its newspaper and media-group partners. Innovation is about divergence, not convergence. If products and services look identical in every way, then differentiation from competition can be based on only price.

BML’s philosophy is that our partners and their customers will not be served if competitors’ products and features, design or brand elements are merely imitated. For that reason, BML focuses on bringing its media partners long-term, sustainable and competitive advantages, which will be the result of finding new ways to excel and exceed all expectations.

An important segment of online shopping and revenue generation is that of deals and coupons. Now 52% of business-to-business marketers use video as part of their content marketing mix; 70.8% of Internet users watched online videos in 2012, resulting in U.S. online video ad spending expected to nearly triple in the years ahead (eMarketer). BML stays abreast of market forecasts and trends and has now incorporated video into deal offerings and couponing.