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Search-Engine Marketing (SEM)

The BML optimization team manages pay-per-click campaigns when requested or otherwise deemed necessary by our SEO Department manager.

Once an account is created for a SMB client, BML then manages the advertisement(s) on Google, Yahoo! and/or Bing. Before this management, an extensive keyword analysis is completed. This analysis is necessary to create a keyword strategy. Once those elements are complete, ad groups are created, and bids are placed for ads. Through careful monitoring, we naturally increase the quality/relevance score of each ad and inversely decrease the cost per click of each ad proportionate with the increase of the quality score, thus delivering more focused leads for less money, which increases the return on investment of each campaign.

The BML SEO team will schedule visibility—24 hours a day, 7 days a week—turning keywords on and off at varying days and times for geo- and demographic-targeted areas based on zip code, target age, gender and more. The BML SEO team will also provide comprehensive reports by email or the BML dashboard.

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