Search-Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click Techniques: Explanations…

Search-Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click Techniques: Explanations and Services for Top Search Rankings to Increase Business Visibility

As many times as you try to decipher “search-engine optimization” and “pay per click,” you just can’t wrap your head around the explanations. In today’s Internet world, you understand that these tools are essential for business visibility. However, you are at a loss about the correct ways to apply them effectively, so others will find and visit your website.

To assist newspaper and media partners as well as small- and medium-sized businesses, Big Mouth Local (BML) simplifies this complicated information.  The following details are provided to help other business owners understand these terms and the importance of implementing them correctly for e-commerce success:

Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

  • These techniques help your business website rank higher in organic (or “natural”) search results.
  • With proper SEO, your business website will become more visible to customers who are looking for your product or service via search engines.

What does SEO do?

  • BML’s online business directories help place clients’ landing pages on the first page of online search results in 60 days.
  • BML’s effectively executed SEO delivers increased visibility for your company and clients.
  • BML’s geo-targeted SEO drives more site traffic to all of the companies in our collectively optimized network, creating an empowered web presence for all partners and clients.

Why does your business need SEO?

  • If you aren’t on the first page of Internet search results, the likelihood of others finding your business decreases significantly.
  • Research indicates that 62% of search users click a link on the first page of search results.

Pay per Click

What is pay per click?

  • This technique involves purchasing a paid listing on search engines so that your website appears when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase.

What does this web technique do?

  • Pay per click delivers immediate results by getting you to the top of online searches quickly.
  • Business owners pay agreed-upon CPC for desired keyword placement.
  • This technique provides detailed tracking and reporting.

Why does your business need pay per click services?

  • Targeted messages by keyword will direct very qualified consumers to your website.
  •  Sales conversions will increase.
  • Your business will experience an improved return on investment.

BML provides simple explanations about SEO and pay-per-click services. Through the expertise of BML’s experienced technology team, we help newspaper and media companies as well as small- and medium-sized businesses land at the top of online search results. Call BML for the best SEO and pay-per-click services, so potential customers can find your business on the Internet—guaranteed!