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Search-Engine Optimization (SEO)

If people searching the Internet cannot find an advertiser’s website, it is worthless. Search engines for Google, Bing and Yahoo! use their search-engine algorithms to rank lists of relevant information and relevant websites found on the Internet. Remember that search engines are text centric, favor back links and now heavily weigh social media. Keywords and phrases on an advertiser’s website are very important to facilitate ranking on the search engines. The BML team will perform a keyword analysis, a competitive analysis, keyword density, content flow recommendations, meta data development, link-building plan and social media strategy. The benefits of SEO are critical to all businesses advertising on the Internet for traffic, leads and sales. Best practices would include the following:

  1. Accessibility: If the search engines can’t see or access the content on your pages, then it cannot be indexed, rendering it impossible to be returned in a search result; thus, “crawl-ability” is foremost on this list.
  2. Content: You need to have compelling, high-quality material that not only attracts interest but compels visitors to share the information. Virality of content is possibly the most important/valuable factor in the ranking equation because it will produce the highest link conversion rate (the ratio of those who visit to those who link after viewing).
  3. Basic On-Page Elements: Getting the keyword targeting right is the most important element; titles, URLs and internal links provide a big boost in the potential ability of a page to perform well.
  4. User Experience: The usability, user interface and overall experience of a website strongly influences the links and citations it earns as well as the conversion and browse rates of visiting traffic.
  5. Marketing: “Great content is no substitute for great marketing.” A terrific marketing machine or powerful campaign has the power to attract far more links than content may “deserve”; though this result might seem unfair, it’s a principle on which all of capitalism has functioned for the last few hundred years. Spreading the word is often just as important (or more so) than being right, honest or valuable (just look at the political spectrum).
  6. Advanced/Thorough On-Page Optimization: Applying all of the above with careful attention to detail certainly isn’t useless; however, it is, for better or worse, at the bottom of this list for a reason. In our experience, it doesn’t add as much value as the other techniques described.