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On-Page Optimization

There are no shortcuts to keyword targeting and on-page optimization. BML SEO specialists strive to create perfectly optimized web pages by incorporating and designing web pages with the following:

  1. HTML Head Tags (meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots, rel=”Canonical” and other meta tags), URL (considering length, keyword location, subdomains vs pages, word separators)
  2. Body Tags (number of keyword repetitions, keyword density, keyword usage variations, H1 Headline, H2/H3/H4/Hx, Alt Attribute, Image Filename, Bold/Strong, Italic/Emphasized, Internal Link Anchors and HTML comments)
  3. Internal Links & Location in Site Architecture (click-depth, number/percentage of internal links, links in content vs. permanent navigation, link location in sidebars and footers and page architecture)

BML has best-in-class SEO practices. Many of our partners have applauded our team as worldwide top-level professionals. We strive for perfection in all that we do. Because SEO is at the top of that list, it is part of our corporate structure to ensure that we deliver this same high level of performance to all clients.