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Press Releases

The days of repeating the same keyword in content are over. “Exact match links”—anchor text links that use precise keyword phrases are no longer an important requirement. Moreover, search engines penalize content they consider to be “over-optimized.” Nonetheless, one principle remains constant: Great content written with a specific audience in mind is good SEO and will increase the chances of being found in a search. When the BML content team writes press releases, the message is focused on a specific audience who seeks specific information.

Search engines reward focused messages because they are designed to analyze on-page content and categorize the information accordingly. The BML content team uses synonyms for keywords, which search engines understand rather than repeating the same words. Links are included in BML-created press releases but are positioned from the reader-service perspective. Only one or two links are included in a press release. The BML team typically adds a photo and includes a key phrase at the start of the photo caption. Research shows that the use of images in this way can boost the visibility of a message in search engines and on social sites like Facebook. BML press releases are written with interesting and useful content for the audience, while avoiding boring, unnatural “corporate speak.” The BML content team writes for people and not for machines.