Top 10 Big Mouth Local (BML) Distinctions

Why is BML the best media partner, offering the highest-quality but most affordable business directories and Internet advertising packages?

1. More competitive retail pricing—at least 15% lower for more comprehensive online services including social media and reputation management

2. Money-back guarantee for first-page Google ranking of search results in just 60 days

3. Wider scope of digital services including Tier 2 search-engine optimization, which is a significant revenue generator for newspaper partners

4. Self-publishing capabilities, empowering advertisers to post events, marketplace or products online

5. Very aggressive training program including online training and sales materials, “ride-alongs” with sales representatives and expert guidance from regional directors (for markets with a minimum of 25 sales representatives)

6. Online Prospect Evaluation Form with 48-hour turnaround to provide sales representatives with two- to three-page reports for sales calls

7. A 120-day post start-up Evaluation with Report & Recommendations and continued follow-up every 90 days thereafter

8. Fast decision making and responsiveness to special requests, along with delivery of immediate profit-making solutions

9. Flexible organization, which adapts to specific needs of individual newspaper partners

10. Completely and personally involved executive management team, with more than 150 years of collective technology, financial management, sales, legal and marketing experience