Warp-Speed Digital Solutions for Business Survival and Success

During the last 10 years, the newspaper industry has suffered from significant declines in subscription, display ad and classified revenues. Some newspapers and media groups were hit so hard that they filed bankruptcies, businesses changed ownership and leadership, and others were restructured. Meanwhile, advertisers continued shifting dollars from print to digital. Adroit newspaper leadership of many newspapers are adding digital services to their offerings for the small-and medium-sized business (SMB) market.

Despite a long-standing newspaper’s trusted name in its community, it isn’t enough to capture market share in the fast-track digital services space. Dozens of digital providers are knocking the doors of SMB clients in every market to capture their business. Newspaper subscriptions, display and classified ad revenues will never again be robust. Newspaper leadership must focus on digital solutions for SMB clients. Time is of the essence. Team up with Big Mouth Local—a capable “white-label” solution provider. With every day that passes until your newspaper or media group sales force is on the street selling digital services to your SMB prospects, you are losing revenues. Don’t even think about developing the technological capability to deliver these services with an in-house staff. Few have succeeded, and those who failed burned precious capital. Keep it simple, and team up with Big Mouth Local to move at warp speed. Big Mouth Local is ready, willing and able to help you succeed in your market now.